"I had the privilege of being in Bryn's counsel as an inpatient at a treatment centre and a couple of years later I sought her counsel as an outpatient.
"Gentle truth teller" is how I describe Bryn because of her ability to guide me to the beautiful truths and sometimes harsh truths about myself. She encourages and mirrors acceptance, vulnerability, courage and self-compassion while challenging me to make changes.
I'm blessed to have her in my corner".

"Bryn has helped me for many years. She shows me where to look so I can find it myself. Thank you for your hours of listening and caring".

"Bryn is absolutely amazing. Insightful, funny, warm, non judgemental and compassionate".

"Maximum recommendation!!! Bryn is incredibly skilled in helping her clients and friends have a better relationship with themselves and those they care about = a better life".